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Arts Room

The Helderberg Village Arts & Crafts Society offers a diversity of artistic flair such as painting, crafts, pottery, knitting, quilting, fabric painting and woodwork. At our Annual Exhibition, we showcase the most amazing art pieces created by our talented members.

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Helderberg Village Arts & Crafts

In the Arts studio, we offer the following:
Monday afternoon - Painting class 
Tuesday morning - Painting (all media) 
Wednesday morning: Fabric painting & afternoon: Quilting 
Thursday afternoon: Knitting & sewing 
Friday afternoon: Crafters.
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings:  Pottery 
All hours: Woodwork
The Arts room is situated at the Clubhouse down the corridor opposite the Club Office.
The Woodwork studio is situated next to Common Property and Infrastructure building.
Contact Details
The Club Secretary
Email: clubhouse@helderbergvillage.org.za
Tel no: 021 855 8333